Mission & Values


Heritage Leadership Academy is committed to educate and empower young female leaders. Our curriculum challenges the brightest students and encourages those who are unmotivated or experiencing difficulties in their current setting. We combine traditional academics with an innovative classroom, labs, and business-based approach to teaching STEM in a nurturing and academically competitive environment preparing our young women across Africa to compete globally and contribute locally.


Four values inform everything we do and expect from our students.

Excellence – purposeful pursuit of academic, social and civic excellence that seeks to foster independent thinking and creativity that creates thought leaders in the 21st century and beyond.

Integrity –cultivating leadership to live in concert with honesty, civility, tenacity, personal and social responsibility. HLA provides students freedom to explore their own core beliefs within the context of empowerment and leadership.

Collaboration – innovation through collaboration in shaping global entrepreneurial leadership through direct exposure to a plethora of learning experiences bringing STEM educational alive in Africa and beyond.

Service - developing social consciousness, to act with humanity and service, become competent, caring and contributing members in our global community is a challenge for students at HLA.