Founder's Message - Tina L. Taylor

Tina L. Taylor

After spending more than two decades in the corporate arena, I saw first-hand the disparities in the workforce as well as the potential to develop the often untapped female talent in Africa. I recognized the discriminatory and marginalized narrative toward young girls and women who expressed an interest in STEM. This was an all-to-common occurrence that impacts every woman’s confidence and her decisions in education, professional career, personal journey, and we forgot these are not innocuous overtures.

I wanted to confront the issues head-on and drive change as well as become an advocate for our brightest future leaders in STEM. So, championing women’s prosperity and parity through education embolden me to build a STEM boarding school for young women in Africa. People have asked why Africa? It is home to a vast majority of brown faces like mine who have some of the greatest potential and the youngest population that will enter the job market of the next decade.

As a degreed mechanical engineer who worked in multiple industries as an executive, it is not unique to me challenge the status quo. Also, being inspired and influenced by the echoes of my parents who entrenched the value of education especially my mother who was an educator and one who loved math and science. It was through many conversations with my parents who both had a passion for learning, their unwavering support, and decades of my personal and professional experiences that cultivated HLA to reality.

Developing HLA is a privilege and I feel that it is the right time to have a learning environment reflect my core beliefs, experiences, and values that empower young girls to think math and science and being smart is “cool.” It is empowering having a STEM education and leveraging it across multiple industries and organizations I lead. I firmly believe as well as our talented global Board of Directors, that a STEM education is the catalyst that drives the inherent DNA change we must give our young women to compete in many areas traditionally closed to women or locked out of the decision-making process.

This is what HLA is about, driving forward it’s mission to increase women’s participation in STEM, which can stimulate innovation and intensify economic growth in the emerging markets where career options are limitless.