Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HLA different from any other boarding schools offered throughout Africa?

HLA is the first international boarding high school for young women with a Cambridge AS and A Level (an international benchmark) curriculum, combined with a specific focus on STEM. Upon entering HLA, our students will benefit from a blend of innovative academic programs combined with “work-based” experiences while earning university credits. A specialized network of industry professionals and academics will enable each student to explore her individual career and industry aspirations before leaving high school. Students will be challenged to develop solutions to help solve speci c social needs through collaboration on their STEM projects and presenting to international business leaders. HLA is centered around four principals that are the foundation in developing our global leaders:

  • STEM education
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship

We seek to develop a pipeline of young women who will be equipped to meet the demands of a STEM career and close the skill shortage across Africa.

What type of learning and boarding school environment will be provided to the students?

The environment at HLA will be enriching and will allow students to ourish and build their academic portfolios. Our students will be taught through an open discussion method, project based with didactic teaching from well-trained and experienced STEM faculty. They will enjoy living on an eco-friendly campus where they can collaborate and network with global STEM peers and schools, participate in extra-curricular events while developing the tools and skills needed as they transition to the collegiate level.
Academics at HLA are important, it is also necessary to have a healthy campus environment. Fitness and nutrition will also be focus areas, supporting development of good habits for a long term healthy lifestyle. We will have a variety of social clubs, sporting activities and social engagement activities with partnering schools to broaden and deepen the relationship within the cohort and the communities.

Admission: How are students selected to attend HLA?

HLA is designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious students who have a clear sense of social awareness, with a passion and eagerness to make a di erence. HLA brings together Africa’s most promising female students between the ages of 15-18 years old. We seek to enroll and graduate a student body that re ects Africa’s diverse cultural, racial, geographical and socio-economic backgrounds.
Our student pro le will include:

  • Young women from all 54 African countries
  • Academic achievement in their completion of 9th grade
  • Targeting 60% emerging middle class, 25% lower class and 15% upper class

The student selection process welcomes applications from anyone on the African continent looking for a challenge and close knit learning community. Students will need to submit an application which includes a written essay and provision of academic records proving they have completed 9th grade secondary school.
After the students have submitted their application and transcript, a screening process will be conducted based primarily on quantitative information to ensure the applicants meet the fundamental criteria

What is a blended educator model?

With our unique educational environment, we will offer a blended staff of educators: traditional teachers and lateral entry business professionals. The value in having this model in our academic setting offers student the ability to learn theory and have context of how business professionals have applied it in various industries.

Fees: What is the cost to attend HLA and how can I contribute towards tomorrow’s leaders?

A great vision can only become reality through the partnership of visionaries. The cost per student to attend Heritage Leadership Academy is $15,500 per annum including tuition, international assignments, local activities, school uniforms, room & board on an eco-friendly, technological campus. For the first 4 years, our sponsors will subsidize tuition through the provision of grants, scholarships and bursaries based on financial need.

Will HLA seek to become a member of one of the independent school organizations (such as ICASA) and will the program be accredited?

HLA will offer an international STEM curriculum accredited by Cambridge University International.

Will HLA open with all grade levels?

HLA will only admit students entering their 9th grade year, due to the nature of our rigorous academic and social programs. This enables us to track, guide, and develop each student's educational road-map to university and ensure the best possible experience while attending HLA.

How can I help?

We encourage long-term partnerships with HLA in our quest to close the gender and skill gaps for young women. While monetary donations are critically important to start and continue our operation, success is achieved through having mission alignment and ongoing active involvement. This will be in the form of, but not limited to the following:

  • Naming rights to a school facility
  • Underwriting on-going construction or operational costs
  • Sponsoring student grants, scholarships and bursaries
  • Becoming a HLA mentor & STEM Advisor
  • Participating as a guest lecturer/speaker
  • Facilitating international job-shadowing program
  • Participating on our Business Advisory Board
  • Sponsoring STEM camp activities and competitions

Please contact our office at to discuss and find out how you can be part of driving change for young women in STEM and harnessing the talent in Africa for Africa..