Heritage’s academic experience will challenge our students and help them build skills that will be used for a life-time – long after they complete university.
Students are taught science, technology, engineering, and math through an open discussion method, project-based with didactic teaching from well-trained and experienced STEM faculty using the Cambridge AS and A Level curriculum. 
Learning is enriched for our students through STEM competitions, a mentorship program, global social projects and collaborative networking with other students globally. 

While thriving academically, students will also have a balance of social and extracurricular activities as well. Physical fitness is critically important, so a myriad of sports including cycling, soccer, fencing, and running will be offered. The arts (music and drama) will be offered as well a host of networking events with others on a local and global platform.

Our goal is to help our young women have a well rounded experience and be able attend the universities best suited toward interests and talents.