The immersive learning community at HLA is designed to push intellectual margins with 21st century skills through an integrative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our academics follow the Cambridge curriculum.

At HLA, our students are exposed to a world of discovery without boundaries. HLA intentionally creates learning spaces, within and outside the classroom, that allows our students academic freedom to explore, examine and solve real-world problems.

Small class sizes, personalized learning and dedicated faculty are the core of our professional learning community. Our personalized learning approach provides rigorous, innovative, collaborative and fun learning experiences. Academics at HLA, is deliberately designed to develop ideas and skills that enhance confidence and intelligence.

The hallmark of an HLA education is rooted in our belief of a balanced and global approach to teaching and learning. HLA curriculum demands an enriching and holistic educational experience that builds a framework for the academic expectations of universities. Our students are offered a meaningful learning experience, which is centered in nurturing their intellect and developing their ability to learn content through explorative inquiry.

Our co-curricular requirements support students beyond the rigorous academic demand. There are three categories within our co-curricular that provides exceptional learning experiences.

Arts Culture and Science Integration 

HLA’s curriculum is designed to challenge and teach the fundamental of analytical thinking on a variety of STEM subjects. Through integration of the arts, culture and science, HLA students will gain insights about themselves, examine the intersectionality of each element and the overarching role of arts in shaping culture and science. The creative expression of the arts through culture and science teaches new ways of seeing the world, taking risks, while raising their social consciousness.

International Study Abroad Program and Mentorship 

HLA valuable learning experiences are outside our classroom and South Africa. Our junior study abroad program allow HLA students to experience the global work space with thought leaders who will serve as mentors in forming their burgeoning identity as future STEM and entrepreneurial leaders of Africa. Our students will gain deeper knowledge about themselves, their culture and their place in our global community.

Senior Capstone Project

The learning at HLA culminates with a senior capstone project allowing our students to develop and defend new ideas. Students are position to break new ground by competing to attend the best universities suited for their interest and talents. Our students will have a firm understanding of STEM essentials and how to apply them in the increasingly technological data-driven world.

HLA multifaceted learning experiences prepare our students to enter the world with confidence and ready to take their place.